designed in Finland, tested in Scandinavia, built in Russia with love

OPM is a celebrated manufacturer of the highest quality grabs for the recycling and material handling industry. Produced at their purpose built state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Moscow using only the best hardened steel from Belgium, heavy duty 360° rotators from Denmark and oversized pins and bearings from Germany.

OPM grabs are the fresh wind in the material handling and recycling market.

Quality manifacturing with top components

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Heavy Duty grabs.
Built for the toughest markets on earth!

Grab Types

opm grab type 60
opm grab type 64
opm grab type 80
opm grab type 84

Constructive advantages

Clamp bed

The clamp bed of the collector has not 2 openings for the stops, but 10


The bolts of OMR-200 rotator are screwed not into the middle flange, but into renewable pressed screw nuts M 12.

Tine axe bolts

The bolts for the tine axes are screwed not into the grab body, but into the threaded stop which is welded to the grab body and may be cut off and replaced by a new one if a bolt is broken.

Renewable liner

In the middle flange, in the place where  the bearers of the pinions of Z13 rotator are set, a renewable liner is considered.

Bearing flange

The bearing flange is prolonged and turns in the grab body on the slider bearing.

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