MT-Rex system is designed to handle large earthmoving vehicle tyres, the ones that are used
primarily in open pit mines. These tyres are not currently included in the disposal cycle for re-use,
with rare exceptions.
These tyres are normally stacked and buried in disused areas of mines, generating pollution and
environmental damage.
This is because the cost of transporting them to recycling plants is too high, which is due to the
size of the tyres. If, for example, we look at the situation regarding the larger tyres, a properly
equipped truck can transport no more than 2 tyres.
Thus, it is necessary to find alternative solutions, also to adapt to global regulations requiring certification of disposal of worn tyres for each new tyre placed on the market

Specifications  & Options

High throughput

  • Downsize a 5,000 + KG tire in 1 hour or less
  • Generate nearly 1 million KG of downsized rubber in 1 week

High efficiency

  • Operate with one person
  • Load tires quickly with forklift
  • Programmable unit runs autonomously after loading
  • Discharge downsized rubber on conveyor
  • Engineered for long life under challenging operating environment
  • Monitor performance remotely with real-time diagnostic

Extremely Flexible

  • Downsize tires ranging from 45 to 63 inches
  • Downsize radial or textile tires
  • Modular construction for quick relocation
  • Adjust tire cut sizing to optimize shredder