ECO Spill Control

Eliminate oil spills with this amazing
recyclable absorbent system. Simply throw as much absorbent on the oil spill. The unique product derived from cotton plant husk instantly adheres to the spill.

Simply sweep up, sieve back in the container, leaving nearly all the absorbent to be used again and again.

Instant oil absorption, leaving floors instantly clear of residue, no more piles of granule bags and waste, the system tackles oil and water and other waste liquid spills. Instant absorption,
Minimal waste, clean, and cost-effective.

ECO Parts Washers

The Eco parts washer combines efficient no rust cleaning without solvents. The biological cleaning liquid in the bath is kept at 38⁰C where parts can be brushed or soaked clean.

The efficient bio liquid is regenerated by a tablet which regenerates the biological cleaning process. The residual grease and oil are literarily ‘eaten` by the bioremediation process, leaving parts clean and grease-free.

The liquid is economically topped up, not changed. With low consumable costs and no solvent changes, The compact unit includes a 13L soaking area, eco and cleaning boost mode.


Industrial Forklift Sweeper

The Vera Industrial Forklift Sweeper Brush for Metallic Scraps, Plastics, Wood Wastes, Glass, and more…
Quality, Reliability, Durability. Brushes and brush holder made from steel. Tufts interchangeable.

The magnetic broom with permanent magnets in the SC130M series ensures the automatic collection of small ferrous particles from the ground. The tipping configuration of the cleaning diaphragm makes the removal of trapped particles from the magnetic broom very quickly and easily!

The Magnetic version attaches to your forklift in the same way as the broom, it enables the collection of small ferrous parts with the magnetic plate for a cleaner and safer yard.

Drip Trays

Our robust steel drip trays come with galvanized slip resistance gratings for workers’ safety. Gratings can easily be removed from the tray for cleaning out as required. The trays come with an interlocking system so you can purchase individually or as a set. They are an ideal solution in keeping the depollution area clean from spills.
Each Tray 1000 x 1500mm