Side Tip Preparation Stand

Using well-proven ramp technology, the side tip is an invaluable aid to car dismantling. Specifically designed to help reduce the dismantling times of ELV’s, the Green Car Side The tip allows ease of access to the underside of vehicles in order that they can be worked on efficiently and safely. Catalytic converters, engines, batteries, wheel, and tyres can be removed quickly with minimal effort.

Depollution & Dismantling Powerlift

Strength, reliability, safety, speed, and ease are the foundation of the Green Car Depollution & Dismantling LIFT & TILT. Designed and manufactured specifically for the busiest operations featuring the heaviest duty construction and components. The unique design is balanced for continuous loading.

The fork arms have been extended in length and are adjustable, to be able to cope with cars through to light commercials. They are also fitted with support blocks to
allow easy access of cutting catalytic convertors from the exhaust through to light commercials.

Vehicle Depollution Stand

The Green Car vehicle depollution stand is a perfect solution for vehicle depollution and drainage.
The single-column allows easy access for the operator for the underside of the vehicle and helps to maintain a cleaner & safer depollution environment.
The stand forks are set at a tilt to maximize fuel drainage and have an adjustable height feature to suit the user. It is safe, robust, and low maintenance.

Full Rise Scissor Lift

The 3500Kg Capacity low profile scissor lift is surface mounted,
there is no need for expensive groundwork. An ideal lift when space is tight and full working height is required.

Two Post Lift

This lift is simple and robust. Uses a twin hydraulic ram design for steady raising and lowering operation. Although a 4T capacity, you can still lift the smallest cars with this machine.