compact systems

TECNO Compact series is a Complete Technological Plant with a very small footprint able to realize the granulation of copper cables and allow a perfect seperation of clean copper granules from clean plastic granules.

This Plant in totally managed by and Electronic Control Panel, that in an wasy was allows to control and regulate all the parameters of the installation.

The strenght of this Plant is the powerful Granulator Mill, that reduce the dimension of the shredded material to homogenous granules, then an automatic pneumatic converyor piping takes all the Granules to the High Frequency Vibrating Table.

This Seperation System works efficiently with a Combined Action – he saking movement of the High Frecuency Separation Table is supported by a continuous and harmonious Air Glow – that gives the big advantage of an easier separation and consequently and increased. Quantity and Quality of recycled material at the end of the process.

The Materials used to build this installation are high quality materials – Hardened Steel – Cast Iron – Hardox – Termical treatment – Powerful and high efficiency Motors – all experienced and Innovative Technology are considered to assure a long lasting and duration of the Plant.

The engineering of this System is studied to give the best performance with less energy consumption and allows to achieve a Purity of 99,8% of absolute clean Copper therefore the Tecno Compact is able to assure the best selling Price ever.

with just 1 or 2 workers you can rund and control properly the complete installation.

Securith and Safety rules – in the Systems are installed several Safety Aarms in order to assure high security working conditions and are also included 2 Security Instant Stop buttons.

a High Tech simple and intuitive Touch Screen allows to control all the parameters of the Installation to obtain quickly and in the easiest way the best performance.


  • POWER: 40 Kw
  • MACHINE SIZE: 2000*3000*2500mm
  • CAPACITY: 450 Kg/h
  • POWER: 60 Kw
  • MACHINE SIZE: 4500*2200*2300mm
  • CAPACITY: 700 Kg/h
  • POWER: 140 Kw
  • MACHINE SIZE: 5000*2300*2500mm
  • CAPACITY: 1000 Kg/h
  • POWER: 160 Kw
  • MACHINE SIZE: 5500*2500*2500mm
  • CAPACITY: 1200 Kg/h

Recycling materials

Radiators, electric scrap, domestic appliances, electric engines, computers, mobile and fixed phones, hard disk, bossoles of ammunition, copper/brass/bronze