The Austrian company LINETECHNOLOGY was born from a research and development institute of IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH in 2019. For decades, the institute has been developing and producing innovative machines that are used in stationary processing systems.

LINETECHNOLOGY sees itself as a young, modern company that, despite being dynamic and fresh, can count many years of know-how among its roots. When developing BLUELINE, they were therefore able to ideally combine the knowledge of experienced employees on the one hand and new technical approaches from the digital world on the other. The result is a processing plant that is unique!

"As a technology leader, we save the resources of our future!" The digital control, the flexibility as well as the mobility that BLUELINE offers makes this system attractive for so many applications - no matter on which continent!

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Eddy Active

Eddy current sorter with eccentric pole wheel

Eddy One

Eddy current sorter with static magnet system

Feed Hopper

Rugged hopper feeder for dosing a wide variety of different materials

Feed Vibro

Feeding station with dosing unit and integrated magnetic drum separator for e.g. iron, steel

Magnet Drum

Two-stage magnetic drum separation for sorting of strong and weak magnetic particles

Screen Basic Plus

Divided single-deck linear vibrating screen with four lungitudinally tensioned screen linings

Screen Basic

Single-deck linear vibrating screen with four longitudinally tensioned screen linings

Screen Double

Two-deck linear vibrating screen with 3D screen linings in the top deck and resonance-excited PU screening mats on the bottom deck

Screen Heavy

Rugged coarse particle separator with optional hopper attachment

Sensor Identify

Sensor-based sorter with induction bar

Sensor Uncover

Sensor-based sorter with X-ray transmission

Sort Fines

Air jig with integrated vibrating feeder

Sort Fluid

Dry sink-float separation with integrated hopper feeder

Support Extract Plus

ATEX extraction module for safe process air flow and reduction of dust emissions

Support Mover

Container mover for maneuvering your BLUELINE modules and for transporting material containers

Support Wind

Compact extraction of impurities such as films and lint