The ideal system for the professional dismantler. Our All In One Power Lift has a safe working load of 4.5Ton working load, making it the strongest single post hydraulic lift, specifically designed for the industry. The fork arms have been extended in length and are adjustable, to be able to cope with cars through to light commercials.

The system includes 6 powerful 1” double diaphragm pumps for Petrol, Diesel, Oil,
Coolant, Screenwash & Brakefluid along with pick-up tooling all easily to hand. Complete with fast and powerful fuel suction via our fuel extraction tank drill.

Consists of: / Optional: 

  • Pump Cabinet Stand (Petrol, Diesel, Brake Fluid, Waste Oil, Coolant, Screenwash.

  • Petrol / Diesel Extraction Tank drill & rubber drainage funnels (available on swing arm or Mobile stand)

  • Pick Up tools (Coolant, Screenwash, Brake Fluid, Waste Oil)

  • Vehicle Lift 4500kg

  • Compressor

  • Upgrade to Quality Control System

  • Drip Trays

  • Storage Tanks

Technical Requirements

Air Requirement
8-10 bar 120-140 CFM
up to 30L / minute
Air Requirement
8-10 bar 120-140 CFM
Up to 30L / minute