Already leader in the market for automotive sector,Tecno is oriented to become a top player in the manufacturing of recycling machines.

The machines are planned to be reliable, easy to use, safe!

Builds complete technological plants with a very small footprint able to realize the granulation and separating any material (ferrous and non ferrous), plastic, rubber, clothes, construction, demolition and any waste.

Simplify Recycling with Automotive Experience

Maximum performance. Minimum consumption.

Tecno machines are powered by top quality electrical components,
energy saving and high performance motors.



Crushers, shredders, granulators, pressing machines and more for any metal scraps and for car demolition. 


Their plants can separate metals and building materials, crushing and granulate so to reuse for new building.


Machines for shredding for each kind of plastic waste.


Compactors for collecting and reducing the volume, composting machines to transform organic, recycling machines for green waste.

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Compact systems


Composting machines

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